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Tiana The Bug Lady



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*Please allow up to 2 weeks for your habitat to be prepared prior to shipping.

All habitats are uniquely different but all come fully loaded with the following:

Spooder Treehouse, ladder, 100% organic dried Moss floor, trees(s) and more.

Ours spoods don't require an unusual amount of habitat space as they often are resting in a hammock, sunbathing or looking for food.

Note: There are 3 sizes to choose from. 3x3 / 4x4 / 5X5

  • Our 3x3 enclosure is perfect for slings to juveniles. They provide more than enough space for your slings to grow, make hammocks in the treehouses, run around and explore. It will take approximately 3 months for your sling to 'outgrow' the 3x3 habitat. I highly recommend this habitat if you own or have purchased your own slings.
  • Our 4x4 Habitat is perfect for our Juveniles, sub adults and up to adults.
  • Our 5x5 Habitat is spacious is you prefer a little extra room for your spood. This habitat is perfect for Juvies, sub-adults and adults.

Once your spooder reaches adulthood, you may choose to keep them in this habitat with no need to upgrade to a larger habitat unless you feel inclined.

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